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Stipulação para os papéis de Angelina Jolie e Denzel Washington em “O Colecionador de Ossos”

Stipulação para os papéis de Angelina Jolie e Denzel Washington em "O Colecionador de Ossos"
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Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington’s roles in the movie “The Bone Collector” came with an unusual casting stipulation. When director Phillip Noyce approached Universal with his choices for the lead roles, they initially did not want Jolie or Washington for the film. However, Noyce believed that they were perfect for the roles and made a unique deal to secure their involvement.

Instead of accepting the rejection from Universal, Noyce took matters into his own hands and proposed a different approach. He offered to direct the movie for free if the studio agreed to cast Jolie and Washington. This was a risky move on Noyce’s part, as directing a film without getting paid is a significant gamble. However, he believed in the power of their performances and was willing to take the chance.

Surprisingly, Universal accepted Noyce’s unconventional offer, and Jolie and Washington were brought on board for “The Bone Collector.” This decision turned out to be a wise one, as the film was a critical and commercial success, largely due to the stellar performances of its lead actors.

“The Bone Collector” is a thrilling crime drama based on the novel of the same name by Jeffery Deaver. Jolie portrays Amelia Donaghy, a talented young police officer who teams up with quadriplegic forensic expert Lincoln Rhyme, played by Washington, to solve a series of gruesome murders. The intense chemistry between Jolie and Washington on screen captivated audiences and added depth to their characters.

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The unusual casting deal made by Noyce not only benefited the film but also showcased the director’s dedication to his vision. By taking a risk and offering to work for free, he demonstrated his belief in Jolie and Washington’s abilities and his commitment to creating a successful movie.

This casting stipulation for “The Bone Collector” serves as a reminder that sometimes unconventional approaches can lead to exceptional results. Noyce’s determination and willingness to think outside the box allowed him to assemble a cast that elevated the film to new heights.

In the end, the gamble paid off, and “The Bone Collector” remains a memorable film in both Jolie and Washington’s careers. Their exceptional performances, coupled with Noyce’s directorial skills, created a suspenseful and engaging crime thriller that continues to impress audiences today. The unusual casting deal made by Noyce will always be remembered as an example of the creative leaps that can be taken to achieve greatness in the film industry.