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Kristen Wiig e Ryan Gosling são escolhidos para apresentar episódios de abril do SNL

Kristen Wiig e Ryan Gosling são escolhidos para apresentar episódios de abril do SNL
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Ex-“Saturday Night Live” member Kristen Wiig and actor Ryan Gosling are set to return as hosts for upcoming episodes in April. Wiig will host the April 6 episode, while Gosling will take the stage on April 13. Both episodes will air on NBC at 11:30 pm ET. Wiig will be joined by musical guest Raye, while Gosling’s musical guest has yet to be announced.

Kristen Wiig, known for her roles in “Bridesmaids” and various other comedies, has always been a fan favorite on SNL. Her return as host is highly anticipated, as she has proven time and time again to be a versatile and hilarious performer. Wiig’s comedic talents will surely bring a fresh and entertaining energy to the show.

Ryan Gosling, who gained popularity for his performances in movies such as “La La Land” and “The Notebook,” will also make a return to SNL. While known primarily for his dramatic acting, Gosling has shown a flair for comedy in past SNL sketches. Fans can look forward to seeing his comedic chops once again as he takes on hosting duties.

SNL has a long history of bringing back former cast members to host, and Wiig is no exception. Having been a cast member from 2005 to 2012, Wiig became a household name with her memorable characters and hilarious sketches. Her return to SNL will undoubtedly be a nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans.

As for Gosling, this will mark his second time hosting the show. He previously hosted in December 2015 and delivered a memorable performance, including a hilarious sketch featuring him as a reluctant alien abductee. Given his previous success, it’s safe to say that Gosling’s return will be highly anticipated.

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In addition to their hosting duties, both Wiig and Gosling will have the opportunity to showcase their musical talents with the help of their respective musical guests. Raye, an up-and-coming British singer, will perform alongside Wiig. The musical guest for Gosling’s episode is yet to be announced.

Overall, with two beloved and talented performers returning as hosts, SNL fans have a lot to look forward to in April. Wiig and Gosling’s comedic abilities, combined with the show’s tradition of delivering memorable sketches, are sure to make for two entertaining and laughter-filled episodes. So mark your calendars and get ready for a night of laughter and fun with these SNL veterans.